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 Wheels for motorized vehicles and trailers from Kronprinz KRONPRINZ in Original Equipment Quality

KRONPRINZ was founded in 1897 and is therefore the oldest wheel manufacturer in Europe producing more than 6 million passenger car wheels and more than 1,5 million truck wheels each year.
In the last more than 100 years the company developped many technical innovations and introduced those to the market. The focus is and has always been on customer wishes and problems.

In the after market for wheels for motorized vehicles and trailers KRONPRINZ is the leading supplier in many markets. The program includes steel wheels for passsenger cars, trailers as well as truck wheels. All wheels are identical with those used in the Original Equipment and fulfill the high quality and security standards of the car manufacturers. The tire shops do therefore have the security to always find the equivalent car for the vehicle and to be able to offer the driver a high quality product.

The newest technology are steel wheels with a flow form rim which is used by the car manufacturers to reduce weight. This aspect will play a central role in the future. Those wheels are currently used for the new Mercedes A- and B class as well as for the VW Sharan and Passat.
In autumn the new Audi 3 as well as the Golf 7 will follow. Conventional steel wheels will not be used anymore for these cars.

All those wheels you can buy from our wholesaler for Kronprinz products - Specialfälgar

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